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Free Slots

In recent years many of the top online Casinos have started to run free slot tournament. This has given tournament players a whole new world of winning opportunities without a need to travel. Playing slots online gives an opportunity to take part in the wide range of free tournament and become very popular. There are several online casinos running tournaments on a daily basis like Tutti frutti, fish toons, treasure of egypt are some of the slots which are mostly played in the casinos.

Video Slots

Video slots available in online casinos have many features that make playing slots more interesting. Most video slots games are multi-line games. The lines not only travel horizontally but also can zigzag across the screen. Players can wager on any number of selected lines. The total wagered amount is the product of the wager per line and the number of lines. Each selected line is separately compared to the payout table for computing the winnings. Video slots is a slot machine where players can bet up to 75 cash or 75 BBs.

3 Reel Wild/Multiplier Slots

Slots are straight forward to play and along with 3 reel wild/multiplier slots is the easiest slot game. There are no rules to play slots online. Simply insert your coins and spin the reels. There are 3 kind of slot machines - video slots, 3 Reel Wild/Multiplier and 3 Reel Classic. In 3 Reel Wild/Multiplier slots, you have only one coin to bet online. Wild wild west, sherif stars, five time riches are some of the slot games played in the casino.

3 Reel Classic

3 Reel Classic slots have 3 spinning reels and is quiet simple to spin the reels. The difference between 3 reel wild/multiplier and 3 reel classic is the number of coins. In 3 reel classic slots, players can bet maximum up to 3 coins. Players always select the auto spin option and choose number of spins. Fruit mania, seven heaven, cherry fever are the 3 reel classic slots played among the players.

Coffee House
Minimum bet value is 5pence and maximum is 50 pence Play Now!!
King Of Slots
The betting amount is 5pence min on King of slots and £1 maximum. Play Now!!
Fish Toons
On these slots you can win minimum jackpot of £2,000 and maximum of £20,000. Play Now!!